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You don't need to know complex Russian or try to understand the broken English of your dates. The built-in translator makes communication as comfortable and understandable as possible.
Don't worry - your neighbors will not point fingers at you, and colleagues at work will not make fun of you. Your profile is available only to users from Russia and the CIS countries.
Do not be afraid that you will meet a fraudster on the WeHappy website. We check all the profiles very carefully and immediately remove suspicious or fake ones.
You will not be spammed by those who want to meet everyone. WeHappy selects candidates for correspondence based on mutual sympathy
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Why WeHappy, and not other ways of dating.
Social networks and other dating sites - the Internet today is simply filled with all sorts of scammers and other mavericks. Without proper verification, you can run into a freeloader.
Specialized sites for American men - because of the narrow focus of such sites, there are much fewer profiles of women. And the opportunity to find your soulmate, and not just a woman of a certain nationality, is significantly lower.
A trip to Russia to find your love is expensive, long, and there's a huge territory to search. A lot of time wasted, with a very unclear outcome - is this what you need?
WeHappy has only verified profiles of women who are interested in men from America and who are potentially ready to move in the future. Only conversations based on mutual sympathy. Finding love is, of course, a matter of chance. With WeHappy, it's probability multiplies massively.
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They're waiting for you right now:
Svetlana 27
I am looking for an interesting and reliable man of 29-40 years old for the purpose of communication.
My interests: swimming, reading fiction, travelling.
Olga 35
I am looking for a sporty man, 40-50 years old, with the aim of starting a family.
My interests: self-development, animals, sports.
Catherine 32
Looking for a loving dad for my two babies.
My interests: children, cooking, walking.
Arina 23
I am looking for a smart, well-educated man of 30-39 for communication and a subsequent date.
My interests: skydiving, car travel, flower cultivation.
Elena 37
Looking for a kind man between 40 and 50. We'll talk, and then we'll see.
My interests: TV series, cycling, reading.
Vika 19
I am looking for a wealthy man of 25-40 for friendship and marriage.
My interests: music, travel, motorcycles.
Anna 29
I am looking for a good-looking man, 30-45 years old, with an athletic frame and a sense of humor. I want to leave for the USA for permanent residence.
My interests: fitness, numismatics, socializing with people.
Tatiana 36
I am looking for a well-educated man, who would love me and would tend to my every need.
My interests: cinema, driving, tourism.
Alena 42
I'm looking for a smart and good-looking man. For socializing, friendship and, maybe, something more.
My interests: psychology, chess, rescue of stray dogs.
Ioannina 25
I am looking for a kind and strong man. I'm ready to start a family and move to the United States.
My interests: animals, reading, skiing.
Alexandra 28
I am looking for a confident, well-off man. To meet, chat and, maybe, something will come of it.
My interests: photography, drawing, history.
Margarita 35
Looking for my beloved one, no more, no less. I don't know what you'll be like, but I'll know when I meet you.
My interests: romantic dates, travel.
Catherine 43
I am looking for an interesting, intelligent conversational partner. To chat, meet, fall in love.
My interests: reading, driving, sewing.
Anastasia 20
I'm interested in meeting an interesting man, 25-35 years old. First of all, I want to communicate.
My interests: dancing, aerobics, cycling.
Milena 34
Looking for a husband. I want to leave for the US, and live there with the man I love.
My interests: cooking, sewing, traveling.
Yana 29
I am looking for a nice, intelligent man of 30-45. For communication and travel to the resort.
My interests: dogs, hiking, mountaineering.
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First, English is taught at school as the main foreign language in Russia and the CIS countries. But even if your chat partner for some reason cannot explain herself in English, WeHappy has a built-in translator that will make your communication easy and relaxed. And if your communication with a lady takes longer, you will have a chance to improve her English and even learn a few words in Russian.
The American and Russian mentality has a lot in common: areas of common interest can be found in culture, art, films and TV shows. Slavic women can easily keep the conversation on many topics.
No, this has long been nothing more than a stereotype. Russian women are really beautiful, smart and easily adapt to new environment. But the priority for modern Slavic women is relationships and love, not just immigration.
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During these two weeks, you will be able to use all the features of the service – a built-in translator, round-the-clock support, and a selection of profiles based on your preferences.
Select, chat, establish contacts! And in two weeks, you can decide for yourself whether to subscribe or not.
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Hundreds of American men have already found or are on their way to happiness.
Here are just a few of them who shared their stories:
Michael, 38
I signed in one evening, when there was nothing to do. I didn't know this evening would change my life so much. I chatted with a beautiful woman from Belarus, we are planning to meet at the end of the summer.
Alan, 47
I really wanted to talk to a Russian woman. I registered on WeHappy and quickly found a companion from Siberia. Now I know that bears don't walk the streets there, and the women are very smart. At least one of them. We are thinking about an actual date.
Floyd, 40
I have been a widower for several years, with 2 children. Somehow, it doesn't work with the local women. I tried WeHappy, and now I am in correspondence with a Russian woman. She has absolutely no problems with my boys, she is the mother of a beautiful daughter. We want to meet and talk in person, first without children, and then we'll see.
William, 55
Though I keep myself in good shape, my age can already scare off potential life partners. But not from more conservative countries, where it's normal for a man to be older. On WeHappy, I have been talking with two beautiful women, one is 35 years old, the other one is 41.
Patrick, 29
Our American girls of my age are too busy with their careers and are not ready for a serious relationship. I tried to meet somebody on WeHappy - the girls there are just wonderful. I am waiting for the end of the pandemic to go in a 10-on-10 format with WeHappy and meet them face-to-face. I'm sure it will be a great trip! And I hope that it will change my life.
Stewart, 32
'm so busy with my work, that I don't have time to get to know somebody anywhere, other than the Internet. I registered on WeHappy, I have been chatting with a couple of beautiful girls from Russia. I don't know where this will get us, but now I'm happy that my personal life has started to improve.
Jack, 22
I registered on WeHappy just for the fun of it, I've always been interested in Russia and its culture. I'm talking to a Russian student. When it gets easier with international travelling, we will definitely meet, she is just going to go to the US under the exchange program.
Gregory, 42
After the divorce, I decided to look for a girlfriend in another country. I started chatting with a Russian woman on WeHappy 3 months ago. I have invited her for a visit. I hope that we are for real.
Chris, 40
I often communicate with Russians in business, and I know that Russian women are beautiful. I met one of the Russian beauties on WeHappy. We've already gone on vacation together. We want to try this dating site's offer for organized encounters at resorts.
Oliver, 29
I study Russian. For practice, I decided to communicate with a native speaker, of course, with a woman. I registered on WeHappy, now I'm thinking about getting married to a Russian.
Steve, 51
I'm looking for a wife. I'm registered on many sites. At the moment, I am most actively communicating with a Ukrainian woman from the WeHappy website. A very nice looking and intelligent woman. We are looking for an opportunity to meet in person.
Fred, 31
I was going on a trip to Russia, so I began to look for a companion. I've registered on WeHappy. It seems that I have found a companion - not only for the journey, but for the rest of my life.
Quentin, 46
I've never trusted dating sites. My friend recommended WeHappy to me, he has already met his (hopefully) wife-to-be there. I registered, and quickly found a pleasant companion. We'll see what happens next.
Henry, 35
I signed up for WeHappy just over a year ago. Today, I'm married to a girl from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk.
Alexander, 34
I have Russian roots, and it was interesting for me to meet not an emigrant, but a girl from Russia. WeHappy helped me with this. I am happy to communicate with a nice girl, we plan to meet via WeHappy as soon as possible.
Steve, 29
My Granny is from Russia, and she always advised me to marry a Russian. The main thing is that my grandfather advises the same, and he really understands what he is talking about. I tried to meet somebody at WeHappy - the girls there are just wonderful. I am waiting for the end of the pandemic to meet with them in person. I am sure that the trip will be not only cool, but also rewarding!
Chris, 40
My business partner's girlfriend is Russian. It is always so very nice to talk to her, and her cooking is absolutely delicious. After my marriage with a colleague failed, I also decided to try and find a Russian girl, and got registered at WeHappy. I hope I am just as lucky as my business partner.
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